About Me

Some quick background information

Hey I’m Mike, a Los Angeles based motion designer/animator.

I obtained my B.F.A in Digital Media from Otis College of Art & Design where I focused on motion graphics.

Prior to attending Otis I spent time on the path towards being a programmer while doing freelance web/print work on the side. Eventually I hit a point where I enjoyed creating graphics for people more than coding, so I decided to return to the arts.

This transition would lead to discovering motion graphics and the concept of visual storytelling. Using a combination of style, timing, and movement to grab the attention of the viewer as well as delivering a message, this felt like the next step in my progression as an artist/designer.

Other than art related endeavors I normally split my time between watching movies, playing PC games, and finding decent television shows that are inevitably cancelled. From time to time I get the itch to dabble with coding and other techie things, but usually just end up getting peoples “internet button” to work.