Holiday E-mail Template

July 27, 2016

Project Name: Holiday E-mail Template
Client: Sun Industries (in-house)
Type: HTML E-mail Design
Tools: PhotoshopIllustratorHTMLCSS

In addition to the regular content sent in e-mail campaigns there were the occasional holiday e-mails. This was an extra way to stay in touch with subscribers and keep the company name fresh in their minds. For the most part general holidays were observed, but by utilizing different MailChimp features, we were able to send targeted messages for unique holidays in specific countries.

The goal for this design was to be flexible and easily updated. The person working on the e-mails could find the related holiday images, toss them into the photoshop file, and have a holiday header image ready to embed. Ended up using the first two layouts in the image set below.

Holiday Layout 01 Holiday Layout 02 Holiday Layout 03 Holiday Layout 04 Holiday Layout 05