Mute SF4 Music (PC)

October 28, 2011

Not really a design related post, but a mix of nerdy things. Started getting back into fighting games after not touching one since 1999. Been spending a lot of time in the training area or doing the character trials just figuring out the game mechanics. Now after a few days the music starts to get to you, and the current audio options in Street Fighter 4 doesn't let you fully mute the background audio.

Found things online saying you can replace the .CSB files with a renamed text file with a letter in it. Went to the folders with the sound files and there were a ton of them, and it would take forever to manually go through and duplicate then rename every single .csb file. So the geeky feat of strength this week was doing a little shell script to do it.

find BGM_* -type f >> list; for i in `cat list`; do cp SoundBlank.csb $i; done; rm list

All it does is search for files beginning with "BGM," then outputs the list to a file, kind of like doing: ls > file. Then it reads the contents of the list, and copies my empty SoundBlank.csb file as the files in the list. So basically doing: cp file1 file2 for all the .CSB files in the directory, replacing them with the blank file for audio. So you just run that in the directory, and end up with the files you need to mute everything. Made the SoundBlank.csb file beforehand and tossed it into whatever directory I was in to do it. Could probably use touch or vi to make a quick file at the start, then execute the rest.

Anyways, decided to toss a zip file of everything online if people want to mute the background audio. The file has the empty .CSB files in it, so you just unzip it and copy it into the folders with the audio files. It has a text file that shows where to put them.

Download Files: