Media Temple Project

May 17, 2011

Project Name: Media Temple Spot
Client: self (school project)
Type: Motion Graphics
Tools: AfterEffectsPhotoshopIllustratorCinema4dMaya

For one of my final projects I decided to come up with a commercial-like animation based around the company Media Temple. They have an established style, but haven't seen any animations related to the company floating around. So I felt this gave some room to play with ideas due to not having a precedent influencing the look or content.

Concept behind the piece was that of exploring inside the "temple" via high-tech cameras with the goal of introducing the viewer to the style of the company. I didn't want to make it sell specific products or services, but just give a slight idea of what they're involved with through images related to servers, and to potentially get a viewer to check out the website. It is more or less is targeting a tech oriented demographic, but have had people with no real background in dealing with servers or networking pick up on the idea of the piece.