Company Intro Pack

June 28, 2016

Project Name: Company Pack
Client: Sun Industries (in-house)
Type: Print Design
Tools: PhotoshopIllustratorIndesign

This was a digital brochure used to introduce potential clients to the company. It would be sent during the initial contact phase in lieu of a full product catalog. The goal was give people an idea of the products and services the company provides without overwhelming the reader. The focus was on imagery industry regulars could recognize, this way the range of products and services wouldn't have to be included explicitly. The copy that was included covered essential information based on common questions from past clients.

Multiple versions of the booklet were created to target different segments of the automotive manufacturing industry. The images and overall styling were also used to create presentation materials for client meetings and other uses.

Front Cover Air Filters Page Fuel Filters Page Hydraulic Filters Page Transmission Filters Page Guiding Principles Page Back Cover