ResTec Brakes Website

June 29, 2016

Project Name: ResTec Brakes (
Client: Sun Industries (in-house)
Type: Web Design
Tools: PhotoshopIllustratorHTMLCSSPHPBootstrap

The ResTec project was a simple redesign of the previous placeholder site. The layout made use of Bootstrap with a mix of old and new imagery for the sections. I wanted to try making a single-page layout instead of having each section as it's own page, mainly because of the small amount of content but also the potential to play with different effects.

Since it was just a new placeholder page, this made it more of an experiment than a "live" site. The page doesn't make use of  a back-end or content system, it's just a single page.

Intro Section Features Section Performance Section About Section Full Site Layout Mobile Layout Mobile Layout 02